Lakeside Services


Wahoo Docks

Wahoo Docks offers maintenance-free floating aluminum docks, the nicest on the water.

Why a floating dock? Because it provides the perfect solution for many problems traditional fixed-docks face. With high water, there is a risk of the boat hitting the roof of the dock or floating off its lift and out into the lake. At the other extreme, drought often makes traditional docks unusable, with their boats hanging far above the water. When the whole dock floats, the boat rides up and down in its lift along with the dock. Not only that, a floating dock can be anchored in locations where deep water or a rocky lake bed make pile-driving for traditional docks very difficult.

Marine Innovations

Marine Innovations makes dreams come true through state-of-the-art incline elevators.

Are you weary from climbing endless stairs? There is no need to start over with a more expensive new home and lot. Thanks to Marine Innovations, your view lot is now accessible. You can enjoy a cup of effortless morning coffee down by the water, and get the maximum enjoyment of the property you have already invested your life in.